Case Study: hidden gems found in Cancer Council NSW lapsed donor base


Conexum worked with the Cancer Council NSW to identify and re-target a new segment of their inactive lapsed donor base, who had recently donated to other Insight Data Co-operative charity members.

“It made perfect sense to better understand how our lapsed donors were transacting elsewhere, especially with other charities. To help us improve the targeting of our housefile reactivation mailings our Fundraising Consultant introduced us to Conexum’s Insight Data Co-operative reactivation service. We are extremely happy with the results, as we now have a large pool of lapsed/ inactive donor names that we have confidence in mailing.”

Joshua McNeil – Marketing Manager
Direct Marketing


Over the years the Cancer Council NSW’s inactive/ lapsed donor base had grown significantly in size and reactivating these names using traditional targeting methods was proving increasingly unprofitable so a new approach was required.

The Solution

Conexum recommended Cancer Council NSW join the Insight Data Co-operative, which would enable them to identify their potentially “hottest” lapsed donors based upon their recent donor history with the 60 plus other charity members of the Insight Data Co-operative. This new statistics backed collective approach enabled Cancer Council NSW to re-activate their historical donors having gained factual insight into their recent giving behaviour.

The first step in the process was to run a de-duplication of Cancer Council NSW lapsed donor file by suppressing duplicate records at an individual name and address level.

The next step was to identify any Cancer Council NSW dormant donors appearing with a recent transaction history (0 – 12 months) elsewhere within the Insight Data Co-op.

The Results

Insight Data Co-operative Database Reactivation Match Results:

Matched to Insight Data Co-operative charity member files with a 0–12 month transaction history
Matched to Insight Data Co-operative commercial member files with a 0–12 month transaction history

= 59,000 records
= 97,330 records

The final step in the process was to identify which of Cancer Council NSW lapsed donors could be matched against Conexum’s suppression file product suite.

Data Suppression File Products Match Results:

Matched to The Australian Bereavement Register (TABR) suppression file
Matched to the New Address Enhancement (NAE) file
Matched to the Gone-away Left Address (GLA) suppression file

= 11,529 records
= 18,044 records
= 101,291 records

The above match results illustrate the significant volume of lapsed donor names identified for potential reactivation by Cancer Council NSW.

Furthermore, additional cost savings could be achieved by dropping unresponsive names such as deceased, gone-away suppressions and relocation appends

About The Insight Data Co-operative

The Insight Data Co-operative is the largest shared transactional marketing database of its kind in Australasia. Over 120 participating members across the not-for-profit, home shopping/ multi-channel retailing and publishing sectors contribute their consumer data into Insight in exchange for information about other consumers who may be interested in their products and services.

These organisations have allowed Conexum to build a shared multi-transactor universe (households with recent donations/ purchases from two or more members) of over 2.7MM households in AU and over 450K households in NZ.

Insight Data Co-operative: delivering more profitable donors

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