How clean is your database?

It’s an important question that too few take seriously. A customer or donor database that is not frequently cleansed could be costing your business or charity thousands of dollars.
If you’re spending money on direct marketing, you need to make sure your message reaches its mark. Addressed mail sent to the deceased or someone no longer at the address, wastes money and damages your reputation.

Conexum Data Management Services can get your database squeaky clean. Cleansing your data through The Australian Bereavement Register cost-effectively removes the deceased from your mailing list.
Charities that do not cleanse the data they hold put themselves in a most unfavourable light. They cause distress to the bereaved and appear wasteful of precious donor resources.

A professional data suppression service, like The Australian Bereavement Register, makes clean data a simple exercise. For a minimal cost, charities and direct marketers can send their mail with the confidence it will reach its target.


Examples of some of the offending charities appeal letters sent in the two – three months following this person’s death.

The service is free for friends and family of the bereaved. A woman told us recently, “charities seem to be the worst offenders at sending mail to the deceased. In the three months since dad’s death, 90% of the mail addressed to him was from charities.”

It makes sense for charities to keep track of their donors. It also makes sense to maintain an ethical and professional reputation.
If you’re a fundraiser and you’re not regularly cleaning your data, you’re wasting your money. You’re also letting your brand down. And showing a total lack of empathy for someone who has supported you in the past.

Maintain the goodwill of your past and present donors – as well as your prospects – by regularly washing your data. Clean data means a greater return on your marketing spend and a stronger customer profile. It also reinforces your brand reputation in millions of Australian households.

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