Is your fundraising team generating some of the unwanted 9.5 million pieces of promotional direct mail addressed to the deceased costing $19 million to produce each year?

It is estimated that in the twelve months following an individual’s death, a whopping 68 items of marketing can be received in their name. With upwards of 140,000 people dying each year in Australia (based on ABS figures), this amounts to over 9.5 million pieces of unnecessary and damaging, direct mail landing in mailboxes and in inboxes annually.

Receiving this mail not only upsets the family and relatives of the deceased individual, but also increases the risk of brand damage for an organisation, and creates environmental harm and monetary waste.

To tackle this problem, Conexum Data Management Services launched The Australian Bereavement Register (TABR) in 2012 – a continuously evolving marketing suppression list of deceased individuals in Australia. Since then, our team of dedicated TABR heroes work hard to ensure we the Australian public is protected from this upsetting side to direct mail.

TABR has a consumer website ( and phone number to call (1300 887 914), as well as our Reply Paid Postage leaflets and registration forms, which are distributed to through funeral homes, hospitals, hospices, aged care facilities, solicitors, charities and local councils.

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