Successful marketing campaigns are built on clean, accurate data. It’s what you need if you want to reach the right people, with the right messages. Avoid the waste and brand damage that results from sending unnecessary and unwanted marketing.

Regular data cleansing and maintenance of a database (be it operational or marketing based) is critical to success. At the very least, screening for gone-aways and deceased records should be done before attempting to communicate with a customer or donor.

Data cleansing software

Conexum’s data cleansing software combines superior data matching with rapid processing to deliver a suite of flexible services:

  • Gone-away and Deceased suppression – use the industry leading suppression reference files; “The Gone-away Left Address” (GLA) file and “The Australian Bereavement Register” (TABR) to remove or flag records within your customer/ prospect data.
  • Mover identification and tracking – use the “New Address Enhancement” (NAE) file and the “National Change of Address” (NCOA) file to provide you with a new updated address for your customers or donors.
  • Contact data enhancement − PAF address validation and telephone number append.
  • Data de-duplication – identify and flagging the number of duplicate records within your data.

Free Data Quality Audit

We would be delighted to take a look at a segment of your database. We can analyse it for free and provide you with a Data Health Check report. This will outline the amendments and data cleansing enhancements we can make and how much it will cost. If you wish to go no further you don’t have to.

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