A next generation source of donors has now hit the market.

Donator is a new targeting and data segmentation tool that has been specifically designed for nonprofits through the use of ‘cluster analysis’.

Developed by Conexum, the Donator segments leverages the donor transactional and behavioural data within the Insight Data Co-operative, which comprises 140 plus charity member data files and three million donor households.

Donator, which ranks and scores all households in Australia by their propensity to give to a charity, can be applied to any cold list of prospect consumer names and postal addresses. This allows charities to tap into and reach individuals with a high propensity to give but who don’t currently receive regular direct marketing messages from other charities. Conexum’s Managing Director, John Crewe says “ the Donator segmentation tool has been developed to allow the most accurate and granular donor segmentation available in Australia. There are a number of benefits to using this data segmentation software. These include an ability to overlay a charity’s cause and gift donation value onto internal data to reactivate lapsed and low-value donors, and a capacity to target lists of prospect consumer names who aren’t currently held within any data co-op or list exchange, based upon their propensity to donate.” He adds that Donator can be incorporated as a segmentation tool within prospect pools, allowing charities to move away from very restricted and congested list swaps.

Trials have been undertaken, with one major Australian cancer charity having its Prospects Australian database overlaid with Donator segments. Conexum provided 10,000 prospect records, which were unavailable within its Insight Data Co-op universe and as such would most likely be receiving fewer donation requests. “Results from this initial use of the database using Donator segments have been encouraging with a 2.6% response rate and average gift of $35,” says Crewe.