On 31st March 2014 Australia Post increased the basic postage rate (BPR) from 60 cents to 70 cents.

To counter the increase, anyone who relies on mailings to get prospects or delivers items across Australia, should be looking at doing some data cleansing on their databases to identify areas where they can save money.

Firstly checking for those who are no longer there, how many gone-aways and deceased have you in your data. Removing these will save your overall mailing budget. In some cases it is also possible to identify where they have moved to, giving you the opportunity to rekindle a relationship by identifying movers.

Getting your data PAF cleansed ensures your postal address data is the most up-to-date and complete. Using this on a regular basis to maintain mailing lists and databases will reduce the number of returned or undelivered items. It also is the first step in maximizing any postal discounts.

So don’t just accept another cost to your business, we have ways of saving your bottom line.

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