To reflect the continuing growth and popularity of The Australian Bereavement Register (TABR) deceased preference service, we’re pleased to announce the rebrand and launch of a new website at

Just over three years we took the initiative and tackled one of the biggest issues facing direct mailers in Australia – that is addressing the 9.5 million pieces of unwanted promotional addressed advertising mail being sent to people who have passed away every year.

“Our research shows consumers really want this to stop,” Glenn Harrison, Managing Director of Conexum Data Management Services said. “A grieving family doesn’t need a reminder of its loss in the form of unwanted promotional advertising mail addressed to their late loved ones, or a telemarketing call” he said.

To-date over 1,000 partners and distribution sites across the country have signed up to the scheme, and are helping to distribute Reply Paid postage leaflets and registration forms to their client families.

To learn more about the benefits of adding TABR deceased suppression to your campaign file process, please contact us on 1300 873 849 or