Donator is a new and completely unique segmentation product which utilises the 7+ million donor records held within Conexum’s Insight Co-op database to create donor segments based upon known, rather than predictive, donor behaviour.

Donator now provides fundraisers and marketers the opportunity to understand how all Australian neighborhoods behave in relation to 8 different charity causes. This accurate insight can drive a differentiated marketing strategy driven by actual data.

Although it has long been suspected that where someone lives affects the types of charities they support, Donator is the first analytical product which visualises this donor lifestage differentiation. Donator clearly illustrates how lifestage, allied to household wealth, affects how Australian donors donate

In an age of ever increasing marketing costs it is vital for Australian charities to understand in which neighbourhoods to cast their acquisition nets, making sure that they target only those areas that are most likely to contain their type of donors.

To ensure accuracy Donator is built at the meshblock level and is rolled upto the suburb or postcode level to enable visualization. Although it draws upon the 7+ million records held within the Insight co-op database it does not use any personally identifiable information in the modeling process.

Donator differs to other segmentation products available in Australia in that it is built using known donation information. Many other segmentation products either draw upon very small sample sizes, don’t include any donation information at all or are built at a too broad an area level.

Donator can be used by fundraisers & marketers in a multitude of ways – to refine cold list selection on unresponsive data sources, provide additional granularity to unaddressed letterbox delivery, to refine a charity’s above-the-line marketing activity, whilst also allowing charities to strengthen their reactivation campaigns by targeting only those neighbourhoods that are known to contain their type of donors.

In a recent cold acquisition campaign a major Australian Cancer charity selected data from a publicly available data source using a Donator overlay and observed some very impressive results.

The campaign average response rate, which had been sourced from data co-ops & list swaps, was 3.58%, with an average gift of $36.70. The data selected using the Donator overlay produced a response rate of 2.63% with an average gift of $39.42. In other words Donator enabled the charity to obtain a response rate which was 73% of it’s tried and tested data sources whilst providing a gift amount that was 7% higher.

The charity was especially pleased because Donator enabled them to acquire donors at an acceptable response rate outside of the increasingly congested pool of co-op & swap names.


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