Conexum is delighted to announce the launch of Home Mover Data, a comprehensive database of home owners and renters that are moving and therefore have a highly increased demand for related products and services.

Approximately 3.5 million Australians change address every year, which equates to 17% of households. Independent research suggests that homebuyers will spend up to $30k on purchases associated with a move with renters spending on average $12k. More importantly, the majority of these purchasing decisions are made before moving so identifying pre-movers is a key trigger to help you acquire new customers, improve cross-sell to existing customers and reduce churn.

Whether you sell home loans, home insurance, credit cards, telephone/internet services, energy or furniture/ fittings, Home Mover Data provides a window of opportunity for you to generate significant revenue.

What makes Home Mover Data different?

The ability to match Home Mover Data to both our unique consumer data products – Transcape a database comprising of 1.5 million actively purchasing individual consumers, and Digiscape, a database comprising of 1.6 million opt-in e-mail addresses means that we can provide highly targeted prospect lists with multiple contact points. Demographic and lifestyle information can also be used for selection criteria.

Weekly feeds of data can be provided allowing you access to the most up-to-date information in the marketplace.

For more information call on Debbie Mutton on 0407 539 187 to discuss how Home Mover Data may work for you or