What if you could target a prospect via an e-dm, through a knowledge of their spending preferences both online and offline.

Well now you can with Digiscape email universe.

With over 1.6 million opted in email records Digiscape is your complete e-dm solution.

This comprehensive dataset offers not only geo-demographics and lifestyle variables, but now makes available the same transactional profiling that has underpinned the success of our other data products Transcape and Insight.

With a foundation in the most responsive DM data in the marketplace, Conexum now offers marketers the chance to target prospects by solus email campaigns, or using dual channel approaches such as DM and e-dm.

Experience has shown that combining e-dm and direct mail into a unified marketing campaign can result in a three-times lift in response over using either channel by itself.

e-dm can therefore be used alone, or as a teaser for an upcoming DM piece, or as a second call to action.

Need to talk to prospect customers or donors in a hurry? Be it a fire sale, disaster relief or even product recall or advice Digiscape is the way to do it.

To find out more about how Digiscape can boost your next acquisition campaign
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